Private Spaces

Allan Cunningham

40 – 160 People | First Floor

This spacious, air-conditioned room is located on the first floor of the hotel and is perfect for cocktail-style events, formal dinners, parties and large gatherings, featuring its own private bar and amenities for your guests.

Karl Langer

20 – 160 People | Ground Floor

The epitome of fine taste and classic style, the Karl Langer Room offers a captivating backdrop for any occasion. We’re sure you will love the flexibility of this air-conditioned space along with the hotel’s many facilities.

Conservatory & Glasshouse

20 – 150 People | Ground Floor

Perfect for intimate gatherings, the beautiful Conservatory Room creates a welcoming atmosphere. The old world charm is clearly evident in the picturesque design. This space has its own private bar and TV.


20 – 60 People | Ground Floor

This event space creates a classic and elegant backdrop. Its old world charm is clearly evident in the picturesque design of the Lennon’s Room. This space provides an intimate, airy space with a small adjacent outdoor courtyard.