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Penguin Reward Doubled

17 Apr

Double the Reward

Media Release 17/04/2018

Shillam the penguins’ current whereabouts are a mystery. He can’t fly! He was too heavy for one man to move! Someone must know something! Waddle, we do if we can’t find him?? Help us return him to his original home!

With only a few weeks until the re-opening of the Burke & Wills Hotel we are getting desperate to find Shillam who was a significant part of the original hotel design.



Shillam was a giant black granite penguin statue with bronze beak which was created by the highly regarded Queensland sculptor Leonard Shillam in late 1956. He sat proudly overlooking the pool of Lennon’s Hotel until he was stolen very soon after installation.

This time Burke & Wills CEO Albert Hakfoort has increased the stakes with a $20,000 cash reward for the penguins return before the new revolving gold doors of the completed luxury hotel reopen in May 2018.

If you have any information we would love to hear from you. Send photos or information about Shillam the penguin to operations@hgroup.com.au. Detailed terms and conditions for the reward will be available for viewing on the window of the Ruthven Street entry to Burke and Wills Hotel.